A new blog, and a few ideas I’m working on

by Adam Kovac

Well, hello.

For those of you who know me or my work, hi. How are you? I’m well, all things considered. Well, I’ve had a bit of a cough for a few days. And I’m tragically single the last time I checked. And while I’ve finished the core courses for a degree I’ve been labouring on for four years, that degree is in journalism, so I’m perfecting my technique at tying my possessions into a rag at the end of a stick, because being a hobo seems more profitable than being a reporter.

Speaking of that degree, since I began studying journalism, my professors have hammered three words at me and my classmates and fellow unemployment recipients: blog/social media. Well, I spend a ton of time on Facebook and tweet all kinds of stuff, both informative and silly. So I decided it was time to fulfil the second part of that mantra and start a blog.

Ok, that was the boring part. I felt this needed a bit of an introduction, so there you have it. But I hear your cries. “Here we are now (at your blog). Entertain us!.”

Well, my Nirvana quoting friends, I’ll leave you with a few thoughts on things I’m working on right now. I’m shipping off to Las Vegas in a week, and before I go, I’ll be filing stories on two rock and roll bands in the Montreal area that are unique in that every show will see them play with upwards of 50 singers. Yes, it’s a feature on rock and punk karaoke in Montreal for the Montreal Gazette.

Remember that Montreal Baseball Project that was announced a few weeks ago? They want to bring a professional team back to this city. Only one problem: our baseball stadium is an out of the way eyesore that is universally loathed. So where will this team play? That will be running on OpenFile.ca.

There’s a few other things, but I’m not here to brag (maybe a bit. I am pretty awesome, after all). I’d like to end with a request though. I’ll be using this blog to muse about story ideas a lot. If you’re reading and you think I’m full of shit, feel free to call me out. But also, tell me what you think is interesting. News media is not a one way street anymore – it’s a conversation. As I ramble on about the stupid things that interest me, tell me if they interest you too, and why.

Alright, I’ve gotten preachy enough. I look forward to sharing more thoughts/coming home drunk and rambling about why I hate dubstep at 4 am.